This project titled "Work" began when I read the journals of my Great Great Grandfather Samuel Ulery. He was a farmer born in 1852 and he kept a record of his daily activities working on his farm in Northern Indiana. The entries are full of continuous labor, a repetitive theme throughout his journals. For the project "Work" I have taken one journal, year 1898, and carved every entry for that year into a tree harvested from my grandparents farm in Ohio. The piece is exhibited lying on it's side much like how it looked after it was cut down. It is roughly 40' long by 30' wide. 2016
Branches is an offshoot of the "Work" project. Each individual branch has 1 to 3 journal entries carved into it. The pieces are mounted flush to the wall extending out as if growing from the wall. Along with the carved wood branches, a bronze edition of one of the branches was created as well.
"Totems" are small maquettes referencing a cross section of timber framed barn architecture.  Exposing the internal support structure, this form becomes a comment on labor, ancestrial history, class, and craftmanship. 
"Tractor Seat" uses the text from my Great Great Grandfather's journals placed into the design of a traditional cast iron tractor seat. Tractor seats from this era used the opportunity to advertise there company in the design of the tractor seat. Using this as a model I replace the advertising with the last journal entry from December 31, 1898. "It was cold and rough and I done nothing." This piece will be an edition cast in cast iron.